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Four-Day School Week Information
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Wednesday, March 06, 2019

Four-Day School Week Information


The Recruitment and Retention of Good Teachers:  It has been difficult to hire teachers and paraprofessionals in Amargosa and Beatty.  In Beatty, three teachers turned down offers of employment to go to four-day schools.  In Amargosa, we hired three new teachers this year.   And, for the last several years, we have had to hire 1 to 3 new teachers each year.  In many cases, we lose these teachers within a year or two to teach in Pahrump or to teach at another school that has a four-day week.  If we go to a four-day week, this should stop or be seriously minimized.

Student Burn-out:  The research shows that student attendance improves with a four-day school week schedule.  Students come back to school more refreshed and eager to learn.  

Time for Out of Town Travel:  It will give parents an opportunity to plan shopping and medical visits for their students on the weekday when school is not in session (most likely Friday).  This means students will be in school more of the time and not miss as much school.

Teacher Time in Classrooms:  Teachers wail have a day in the work week to schedule medical visits.  This will cut down on teacher absences from school and minimize the need for substitute teachers.

Athletic Trips Impacting Class Time:  Although we will not be able to eliminate all mid-week trips, a four-day school week will seriously reduce them.  Many of the other districts that we compete with also are on a four-day school week and are moving their games to Fridays.

Other Districts With Whom We Are Competing for Teachers Have Moved to a Four-Day School Week:  Mineral,  Pershing,  Lander, Eureka (#One District in the State), White Pine, and Lincoln counties all have four-day school weeks.

Classes Where Labs are Part of the Curriculum:  Extra time in classes would be a huge benefit to our students even if it were only 10 to 15 minutes.  Classes will start at 8:00 am and finish at 3:30ish.  This would increase the school day by an hour and ten minutes.

Academic Advantage:  There is no data that indicates that a four-day week is academically superior to a five-day week, or that a five-day week is superior to a four-day week.  This issue is still being studied and researched.

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