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Mr.  Chris  Brockman
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Principal's Corner

What is our Purpose?

Our school mission sits at the heart of Amargosa Valley Elementary and Middle School:


Everyone Learns Every Day!


Our focus is on not only student learning but also staff, teacher, and parent learning as well. 

As the school leader, I expect mistakes because learners make mistakes. We try new things. Sometimes these things meet with success and sometimes they don't; as long as every attempt brings about new ideas and new learning, our school and our community will be on the right track. We grow together. 

Over the past few years, this philosophy and mission has brought great changes and growth to our school, our staff, and our students. 

I see more confidence in our school community, more problem solving, and more willingness to try difficult tasks. We are moving ourselves and our students to be great: Great teachers, great leaders, great scientists, great storytellers, great engineers... great thinkers!

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