Notice to all of our 2024-2025 PreK Parents & Guardians.
8 days ago, Amanda Arceo
Parents and Guardians, This resource is specific to students with IEPs. Please use the phone number or email in the image, or click on this link to go to the registration page:
8 days ago, Nye County School District
Behavior support for students with IEPs
The Nevada Department of Education has approved our academic calendars for the four and five day week schools. Please view the calendar here:
21 days ago, Nye County School District
2024-2025 Academic Calendar Approved
Mark your calendars-we've got an upcoming Taste of PreK & Kinder Camp! Come let your students experience school and register them at the same time! Marquen sus calendarios: ¡tenemos un próximo campamento Kinder y Taste of PreK! ¡Ven a dejar que tus estudiantes experimenten la escuela y regístralos al mismo tiempo!
about 1 month ago, Amanda Arceo
Parents and Guardians, If you would like alerts on your phone when we have a situation like today's Pahrump power outage, please download the NCSD app and turn on the notifications as pictures in the attached image. Links to the app are at the bottom of our webpage: You can specify which of our schools from which you want to receive alerts, and you can update those settings as your kids grow and change schools.
4 months ago, Robert Williams, Director of Technology
Don't Miss Updates
The NCSD Spelling Bee begins at 10:00 A.M. tomorrow, Thursday, February 1, 2024, Attend The Bee via Zoom webinar here: or livestream The Bee without Zoom here:
5 months ago, Nye County School District
Spelling Bee
Internet and phones are coming back online. Thank you for your patience. 12/12/23 - 3:45 PM
6 months ago, Nye County School District
We have an internet outage for all of Pahrump and Amargosa. We are working with VEA and NSHE to solve the problem. This also affects our phones systems. At this time, schools cannot receive calls or call out using the school phones. Teaching and learning is still happening. There are no emergencies. We just wanted you to know why no one is answering any phones.
6 months ago, Nye County School District
Tonight's Board of Trustees meeting begins at 5:30. Links to the agenda and information on streaming can be found here: Item 13 is a closed session for the discussion of collective bargaining. The live stream and webinar are both turned off during closed session. Downloading the NCSD app and subscribing to updates at the district level should allow you to receive a notification on your phone when we return from closed session. Information about receiving notifications is on the website noted above. The selection of a new Superintendent is item 18 on this agenda.
9 months ago, Nye County School District
Board of Trustees Meeting Update
Weather Related School Closure Update All Nye County Schools in Pahrump, Amargosa, Beatty, Tonopah, and Gabbs will reopen tomorrow as planned. Please be cautious when walking to bus stops and schools. Round Mountain Schools will remain closed due to road conditions. The reopening of Round Mountain Schools will be assessed daily, and notifications will be sent to the community members in the later afternoon.
10 months ago, Nye County School District
School Closure Update
Due to the Declaration of Local Emergency of the Nye County Board of Commissioners and the recommendation to shelter in place, the Nye County School District will be closing schools tomorrow, Monday, August 21, 2023. This decision was made out of extreme caution for the safety of all Nye County School District students and staff. We are in communication with the Director of Emergency Management for Nye County, Chief Scott Lewis. We will continue to send updates if the situation changes through all school websites and Facebook: Currently our plan is for schools to return to normal schedules on Tuesday, August 22, 2023. If this changes, we will send another emergency update through all channels: phone message, email, text, all websites, and Facebook pages. Please stay home and be safe. Documents regarding the weather and the emergency declaration can be seen here:​.
10 months ago, Nye County School District
School Closed due to weather emergency on Monday, August 21, 2023.
Thank you to the Daughters of the American Revolution, the Pahrump Valley United Methodist Church, and the Desert Greens for fulfilling our teachers' wish lists! They've also donated the funds for Judy's Reading Jungle, our take-a-book-leave a-book reading tent, as well as food, clothing, and items for the home economics room we are creating. I cannot thank them enough for choosing to help make the experience of Amargosa's students that much better!
10 months ago, Amanda Arceo
It's Back-to-School Season!
11 months ago, Amanda Arceo
Back to School
Good morning! If you'd like to get food for your children, ages 2-18, you can come to the school cafeteria Monday-Thursday, from 11:30am-12pm. Please note, that due to work that is happening on our parking lot, you will have to enter through the side gate which faces the community center. Please do not park in a place that will block our school bus as we have summer school in session. Thank you! --- ¡Buen día! Si desea obtener comida para sus hijos, de 2 a 18 años, puede venir a la cafetería de la escuela de lunes a jueves, de 11:30 am a 12:00 pm. Tenga en cuenta que, debido al trabajo que se está realizando en nuestro estacionamiento, tendrá que ingresar por la puerta lateral que da al centro comunitario. No se estacione en un lugar que bloquee nuestro autobús escolar ya que tenemos clases de verano en sesión. ¡Gracias!
about 1 year ago, Amanda Arceo
NCSO and NCSD are aware of the social media posts threatening violence at schools tomorrow, May 10, 2023. A thorough investigation was conducted and it was determined that the threatening post originated outside of Nevada and was directed at a school in Clark County. NCSO has determined there is no credible threat to any NCSD schools. Out of an abundance of caution, patrols will be increased so there is a more visible NCSO presence around our schools.
about 1 year ago, Nye County School District
Important Annoucement
The Nye County Sheriffs Office received information regarding an unsubstantiated threat across multiple Nevada school districts today. Due to this, all schools are implementing "Stay-Put" procedures, limiting movement around and within campus. If students are required to be outside for transitioning between classes, they will be accompanied by an employee. Sheriff McGill also has deputies driving by, visiting, and monitoring campuses for safety through dismissal time. Schools will follow normal dismissal times and procedures.
over 1 year ago, Nye County School District
NCSD Middle School Spelling Bee Thursday, February 9, 2023 Starting approximately 9:30 AM LiveStream:
over 1 year ago, Nye County School District
Middle School Spelling Bee - LiveStream QR Code
Did you know? ¿Sabías?
over 1 year ago, Amanda Arceo
NCSD Elementary Spelling Bee Thursday, February 2, 2023 Starting approximately 9:45 AM LiveStream:
over 1 year ago, Nye County School District
Spelling Bee QR Live Stream QR Code
Attendance Matters
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Attendance Matters Infographic