Everything NCSD in your pocket

We are thrilled to announce Nye County School District's new website and app! You can still find us at http://www.nye.k12.nv.us/.

It’s everything NCSD, in your pocket. Download the app on Android: http://bit.ly/2G4X1S7 or iPhone: https://apple.co/2G6rL4Y.

The new website and app make accessing information quick. The app contains news articles, event calendars, live streams, staff lists, and important documents. Folks can also set notifications for specific schools. (See image below.)

From the menu of the website folks can access all of the items from the app as well as gallery photos and the important, frequently accessed content from our previous site. 

We do have a few gaps in content that we are working to fill over the next month or two. For example, we'll add teachers and some additional staff members in early September.

Also, at the request of school leaders, some community sites have been combined to make them easier to manage. For example, Beatty Elementary, Middle, and High School are all on one page.

Employees, for the employee-specific content, please look in the NCSD Folder of bookmarks on your nyeschools.org email accounts and in the shared drive named "NCSD - Employee Documents & Resources."

Please know that we are still working on the sites and because it is significantly easier to add information to this platform, more content will come quickly once the school year starts and everyone gets some training.