Parent Letter

Amargosa Valley School Covid-19 Health and Safety Concerns and Considerations


To ensure the safest and healthiest learning environment for all our students, staff, and parents and community members who enter Amargosa Valley Schools (AVS) in relation to the Covid-19 Pandemic, the following procedures and expectations will be in place as we start the 2020-21 school year:

-All staff and students are expected to wear cloth masks while at school.  Students will need to wear their masks on the school bus as well.  This includes when boarding the bus, while riding the bus, and when getting off the bus.  Parents should provide the cloth masks for their students.

-All staff and students are expected to maintain at least a three-foot social distancing space while in the classroom, coming into the school and leaving the school, walking in the halls, while eating breakfast and lunch, going to recess, and going to the restroom.

All staff and students will wash and/or sanitize their hands before entering any classroom.  They also are to wash and sanitize their hands after using the restroom and before and after eating meals.

-All students will be expected to bring a full water bottle with their name on it from home each day (several of our teachers will provide these water bottles for each student in their classes – this information will be provided prior to Friday, August 21st).  There will be bottled water available if students drink all the water that they bring from home.  All school drinking fountains will be turned off until further notice

-Students will load from the rear of the bus forward as much as possible.  They will be assigned seats this year.  They are expected to obey all directives given by the bus driver and bus aide at all times.

-Parents are expected to conduct a health assessment and temperature check on each of their students prior to their students leaving the home for school each day.  If your student’s health is in question, please keep him/her home until you are confident that he can come to school healthy.

-All students will eat their breakfast and lunch in their elementary classrooms and middle school homerooms.

Please join us for a discussion on our learning plans for the school year as well as on our safety and health considerations on Wednesday the 19th in the Amargosa Community Center from 5:30 to 6:30 PM.