Pie in the Face and Silly String

bean bag chair chillMrs. Miller, our Reading Specialist, gave Amargosa staff and students:  ”The 1000 Minutes Summer Reading Challenge”. All the teachers that were here last year met that challenge. We had 3 students and 3 staff members that won the privilege of silly stringing Mrs. Spencer or throwing pies in Mr. Fannin’s face. We brought out the classes that had exceptional readers (met the challenge) to watch the event. They enjoyed watching Mr. Fannin getting pie in the face.

We hope to have more participants for the 2021 Summer Challenge next year. We had many read but they didn’t record. The challenges will continue throughout the school year. We will have another raffle and pie throwing event at the end of the first Semester. Each student will have a chance for prizes and pie throwing by filling out their monthly reading log and bringing it back to their teacher. Raffle tickets and a small treat will be given for each completed monthly reading log. Next reading log is due at the end of September. As you can see by pictures, they had fun

Pictures of students and staff reading wanted: We need to fill our bulletin board with pictures of students and staff reading a book. Please send a picture to your student’s teacher, or Mrs. Miller. The class with the highest percentage of participation will earn a special treat. January 8th will be the deadline to bring in pictures. Hoping for fun reading pictures over the holiday. Remember Mrs. Miller’s mantra; the more you read, the better you read, the better you read, the more you read……